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My CLS Story


It was a little over four years ago, I was a fresh faced teenager ready to take on the world and start my adventure in life. However I was still faced with one big decision, what to study to better my future. I was stuck with a big choice to make; fortunately I had a few months to make it. I decided to do my degree through UNISA as I knew of nowhere else that I could start midyear. I was still left with the decision of what to study when I remembered an aptitude test I had done in high school which came back saying I should pursue a career in law. I there and then decided to give it a go but said to myself; law doesn’t sound the easiest of tasks and I am probably going to need some help with this, and so my internet scouring and asking around began.

After a fare few days on the web and hearing from a few friends of friends one place kept standing out. No guesses who it was turned out to be. I decided let’s get in touch and give it a go. One weekend in June 2011 I went through and I was met by the warm and welcoming face of someone who anyone who attended CLS comes to know and love as she is always there and always ready to help, this was of course none-other Than Julie, the amazing campus coordinator and now lecturer.

I was invited to attend a revision lecture that was being given the following week to get a feel and see if I liked it and it was the best decision I ever made. I was instantly hooked and come second semester to register and begin my journey.

From day one it was something new and interesting and fun, I found the classes well-structured and the content was thoroughly explained and went at a pace that was good for all. Outside of the classroom I found a vibrant and interesting social community of all the other students that had been there for longer. At first I was a bit shy and scared but I found everyone so welcoming and friendly and everyone knew everyone and seemed to be friends with each other and just found it to be such a good and positive environment to be in, furthermore there was a wealth of knowledge and experience that no one was hesitant to give.

As my studies progressed I got to experience more and meet more amazing lecturers who all had their own unique way of getting the work across: from Sheree with her cool calm intellect unwavering in her wealth of experience, to Lisa and Robyn, two people who knew their work literally backwards and who could present it in such a way that all can understand and enjoy the class no matter how daunting the module seemed, to Nicole whose early semester scare tactics followed me through to fourth year ensuring I put my head down and worked from the get go.

However outside of the classroom through the years I can say I genuinely forged lasting friendships with many people there including lecturers who one can connect with on a personal level as they not only take an interest in guiding each individual through their studies but also life in general.

I wish to round off my story with a quote many people of this day and age will be familiar with however slightly adapted “Help will always be given at CLS to those who ask for it”. Albus Dumbledore. The harry Potter Trilogy.

By Darren Hardie

(December 2015)


To the CLS team,

I met this amazing team in 2004 when they were teaching at another institution before starting Critical Law Studies.  I would never have made it this far if it wasn’t for Lisa and Robyn especially.  I was a very disciplined student after matric, but as life may have it, I had a down fall.  Got into the wrong crowd and dropped out.  I made a promise 2 years after my drop out – write one exam, if I pass I continue and if I fail I would give up.  I passed!!!  I contacted Lisa immediately and made arrangements to attend her classes (held at her own home at the time, she never gave up on her dreams of being a teacher).  They saw me grow, cry, fail and succeed and they always motivated me when I was down.  It took me 9 years to complete my degree (also paid for by myself – I did everything part time, as I had a job during the week).  I would never have made it if it wasn’t for the CLS team, I told them on numerous occasions that I cannot continue and that I don’t want to anymore, but they just knew how to “talk me out of it”. I am now a successful candidate attorney on my way to be admitted and my horizons are endless!

Thank you CLS!  I owe you so much!  You are my family from another mother (LOL).

Melissa Irwin

(December 2015)


Hi there

I would like to thank you all for helping me to complete my degree.

I remember when I joined CLS I was on the brink of giving up on my studies….that’s how bad it was.

Lisa, Robyn and Julie (and other staff members) you’ve helped me to pull through with your dedication and passion to help students like me.  I’ll always be grateful to all of you that played a role in my success,  I couldn’t have done it without you.




(March 2015)


Hi Julie

I hope you are well and that 2015 has started off on a good foot?

I just wanted to say thank you to you and the CLS team for the special work that you do. You have a dynamic and supportive team that is always willing to help and go out of their way in doing this.

I have been going to CLS's revision classes and using the notes since my Bcom Law and thereafter for my LLB and these have been the biggest help in not only understanding the work but being taught of relative practical situations.

This last semester I did Tax, Companies, Insurance, Estoppel and Philosophy and to be honest every single lecturer was brilliant and entertaining as always.

I will recommend CLS to each and every Law student out there!

You guys rock!

Kind regards
Duane Malho
(February 2015)


"Hi Lisa

I praise God for you and your team. My two exams (PVL301 + CMP301) went very well yesterday. All the essay questions for Contract were in "my life"! The CMP questions were all reviewed on Saturday. Oh I still cant believe it. I prayed so hard for God's help and He sent me to CLS. You are my MIRACLE. May God continue to bless and increase you in every way in Jesus Name! Blessings to everyone at the centre. God willing I will see you on Saturday when I come for Labour. Thanks and Kind Regards, 


"Hey Rob, Lisa and Julie

I would just like to email you guys to say thank you for all that you do. Thank you for being 4 of the most amazing woman that up with us at CLS. You truly dont understand how much your time, patience and dedication to us helps us get through means to us. You all put your own lives on hold to stop and help us with no questions asked and no question about the time that we ask. You are all willing to help and be there for us, even when we dont know whats going on.

Thank You, From Candice Roseweir"


" I was referred by a work colleague to CLS in the 1st semester of 2011. Expecting a miracle, I attended revision classes for all 3 modules I was writing in June. And a miracle is what I got at CLS!

I passed all 3 exams well, not even having opened my study guide for Admin Law! 1 Revision class with Robyn is all I needed! Julie accommodated me even though I was so very late in registering.

I have been attending classes this semester and after my marathon revision classes, I am walking into these exams a far more confident & happy student!

The ladies at CLS are absolutely amazing. They take a complicated study guide and simplify it into notes, summaries and question packs which are easy to learn and understand. The one aspect which makes CLS unique & special is the dedication & passion of the lecturers and staff. They will sit up until midnight teaching if that is what it takes until the students properly understand the content.

Today my studies are enjoyable and interesting and I mix with other part time students traveling the same journey as me. It is comforting to know that I am not alone and that graduation is a very achievable goal with CLS!!

Thank You Beautiful Ladies,

From Terry Neat "


Hi Robyn, Lisa, Julie!

Thank you so much for accepting me into your Civils 2 Revision class. I am ecstatic that your revision classes are spot on every time I'm there.

May the Lord bless and preserve you and your families for allowing you to assist us, the disadvantaged adults, in pursuant of our careers.

Thank you so much

Sam Matebane



Just to let you know that I am now an admitted Advocate of the high court and that I have also been accepted as a pupil by the Johannesburg bar in Sandton. Thus I will be commencing with my pupillage next January. Please accept my gratitude for all the assistance.

Kindly pass this message to all of your team members who played role.

Thank You



Dear CLS

I am now an admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa.

I wish to express my heartfelt and sincere gratitude for the role that CLS has played in my life and the confidence that it gave me. I am now preparing for my Master's exams in January and I am completely fearless, with respect, because of the confidence that you guys have instilled in me.

I hope to be able to assist other South African's one day to realise their dreams in the same way that CLS has done for me.


Thabiso Maseko


Dear Lisa

Just wanted to thank you and your staff at CLS. I have finished my degree and did it in record time. I came to CLS halfway through my degree and it was the best move I could have ever done. You all made me feel welcome and at home and I appreciate all the hard work you do. A special mention to Mariette as she really helped me with Tax as she promised she would.

I really miss school now and the environment you created for us made lifelong friends and a wonderful team of lecturers. I recommend you to every law student I meet! One day you should organise a reunion for past students, that would be nice.

Love you all and hope you have a great year ahead. I will come through one day with my graduation photo.

Thank you and God Bless



Dear Ladies of CLS

Once again you guys have worked your magic and I have passed all my modules. I was trying to find words to express my gratitude for each of your dedication and support and then I came across this quote which articulates how I feel

"The true value of a teacher is determined not by what he knows nor his ability to impart what he knows, but by his ability to stimulate in others a desire to know"

Each of you have stimulated my desire to know...


Leyya Pillay


Dear Lisa and Robz

So this morning I received my result for my assignment for Origins and passed!

So here I am a few years later with a BCOM LAW and LLB degree, still can’t believe it!

I have to say thank you! You don’t understand how much this means to me.

A couple of years ago I didn’t think I would get 1 degree meanwhile an honours degree in law and a BCOM.

Robz and Lis, you must understand that with all the nonsense that students give you at class throughout the semester, there are the students that you have helped to give an education.

Without your help (and your notes) and most importantly your love for law, I would still be trying to pass shitty subjects like property law (no offence to whoever teaches it).

Stupidly enough Candice and I will be registering for LLM’s next year (kill me now!)

Please keep that love for law and teaching! Thanks again!



Hi Lisa

I have used CLS notes and definitely advocate them to other students. You are more than welcome to mention this to prospective students! I found your packs invaluable.

Kind Regards,

Judith Plit


Hey Lisa

This is Mpho Maswanganye I attended Law of Contract revision class and I am so glad I passed it. I was writing a supplementary exam and guess what I got 64% all thanks to you. You went all out so that we can get the best results, thank you very much God bless you.




Good morning

I just got all my results and I am so pleased to tell u that I will be graduating this semester. I just want to personally thank you for believing in me that I would make it,for taking the time and efforts to making sure I understood in class. Words will not be enough to explain to you how grateful I am to your team. However I would like you to know that I am humbled and really appreciate everything.

I have made it on record time!

Kind regards

Nomkhonto Congress Chueu


I passed by miracle i don't know how, you said we will be surprised...now i am surprised. But I think its all credit to CLS, without this school, i may as well just kiss my dream of having an LLB degree goodbye.

I am so grateful to be part of this school...

Thank you so much Robyn, you are jst phenomenal.

Best wishes



Hi Lisa and Robyn,

A BIG thank you for the exam revision lectures and brilliant notes. I passed both contract and delict with distinctions, I am thrilled to say the least!☺

CLS exam revision lectures is truly a God send for me, especially as I work and study, thank you.

Kind regards

Tessa Naransamy


Your institution has taught me a lot about LLB , given me the skills I have been searching for

many years ( the foundation to my success) and has also taught me a lot about

myself ,for that I am extremely greatful and always remain greatful to your

staff/ the lectures. Now I have been accepted and attending law school in


What I have learnt from your staff, I will never forget . For that I thank you

from deepness of my heart.

Your Kind Regards

Tsholofelo Moemise


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