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Study Packs:

Should you wish to purchase these notes, kindly deposit the required funds into our bank account and forward your proof of payment. Once we have received your proof of payment, we will email the notes to you. Kindly allow at least 24 hours (after confirmation of payment) for the email to be sent. Please also acknowledge the disclaimer below with regards to the sharing, forwarding and further publishing of CLS materials. If payments are made on a Friday please expect your notes on the Monday following payment.


Name of Account: Critical Law Studies

Type: Cheque Account

Acc: 4063949845

Branch Code: 632005

Please use your name as a reference

Kindly email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before depositing funds to ensure that packs are available.

PLEASE NOTE: CLS does not sell / distribute past papers and memorandums, our packs are focused on summarised notes only.

CLS packs are updated every semester and students SHOULD ONLY use notes which are dated in the current semester. CLS packs may not be sold, exchanged, shared copied and the like.


  • ILW1501 Intro to law R300
  • SCL1501 Skills R500
  • PVL1501 Law of Persons R500
  • CRW2601 General Principles R500
  • CRW2602 Specific Crimes R500
  • ADL2601 Administrative Law R500
  • CSL2601 Constitutional Law R500
  • FUR2601 Fundamental Rights R500
  • IOS2601 Interpretation of Statutes R500
  • IND2601 African Customary Law R500
  • PVL2601 Family Law R500
  • PVL2602 Law of Succession R500
  • MRL2601 Entrepreneurial Law R500
  • LEV3701 Law of Evidence R500
  • CIV3701 Civil Procedure R500
  • CPR3701 Criminal Procedure R500
  • PVL3701 Law of Property R500
  • PVL3702 Law of Contract R500
  • PVL3703 Law of Delict R500
  • PVL3704 Enrichment R500
  • MRL3701 Insolvency Law R500
  • MRL3702 Labour Law R500
  • LJU4802 Ethics R500
  • LCP4801 International Law R500
  • LCP4804 Advanced Indigenous R500
  • LML4806 Company Law R500
  • LPL4801 Sale & Lease R500
  • LPL4804 Conveyancing R500
  • LPL4805 Notarial Practice R500


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